Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diary of a satyric

Spent a routine boring day yet again. Yet again I missed you and yet again I wanted to bed you. It is kind of intriguing how I think of having you every day since you left me considering that I never quite had that desire in the many days that we spent together. But you actually made me very concupiscent today. It is quite awkward to sit with a room full of people around you when your brain and heart are conspiring together to pump all the blood in your body from the brain to someplace where it should rather not be. It is awkward to say the least when your body senses what is going on around you and your brain responds by calling for someone miles away.

All the while I was supposed to be involved in my work, all I did was to think- thoughts not very familiar to you but thoughts very much about you…about each little curve on your body…those long fingers. I could not but think about the lingering taste that your lips left on me every time we kissed, that sweet softness of your skin, of your body under mine. I was staring at the wall all the time, while thinking of the beautiful woman in you and how she aroused and gratified each cell, each pore of my body and my soul. The man in me wanted to pounce on you and to devour you but your lover just wanted to stand back- to drink from the softness of your flesh right into your soul. And they were both competing to possess you, to own every cell of you- a prize, alas, that is not theirs to own anymore. Fools! You arouse not just my body dear, but my spirit and my thoughts to the extent where I am left wondering if you could have jerked me off even without a touch. Your thoughts can be that powerful. But then, I am glad that we are apart because having you can never be as awesome as the thoughts of you. Undressing you can’t be as beautiful as the imaginary feel of our bodies intertwining in the heat, burning with desire in the flood of passion.


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