Friday, July 20, 2012

Thanks !

I stand looking out the window- no idea what I want. I remember that time when I was content, you fuelled in me a desire, a fire to achieve and now…I am lost. That fire consumes me still. I remember the time when you used to say that you wanted for me all success in life but it’s only now that I realize why you never replaced the ‘success’ with ‘happiness’. You have always been smart, girl.

In hindsight, that itself could be the reason why things are what they are. We always made an odd pair, didn’t we? The smart but silent girl with the ever-smiling idiot. I assume I should be upset, or maybe even angry (though I am not sure I can be either because it’s you we are talking about). But right now, as I stand alone I feel only gratitude. Girl, you made me what I am. But for you, I might have been now sitting at a rickety table, victim to that inertia which never shakes. You were the pull that brought me out of the gravity, and now, no matter what, all I can do is oscillate- only look at that which is mine and not remove the distance, feel you all around me and continue ignore your very existence. Thank you girl, you taught me life!

Bricks or bouquets??? Let me know below...

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