Thursday, June 28, 2012


He let out a big grunt as they both climaxed together, in each other arms. He was now looking into her eyes as if trying to figure out his reflection in them as his hold loosened on her. She could feel the movements of his chest against her body and her own body moving in sync with him. It was as if their union had also made their hearts constrict in unison. He kissed her once more before dozing off but sleep was nowhere in her mind. She wanted to think but she knew not what. There was nothing left to think about actually. It was a very conscious decision on her part and she had known exactly what she wanted. Deep in a corner she felt guilty about betraying Sahil, but that guilt had been overtaken by a desire for happiness. All through her life she had chased happiness and just as she thought she had found it, she had to start all over again. Being with him had made her feel that all problems she had faced were over now, but she had forgotten about her family back home. They had chosen a groom for her and there was no way they would give in. She could fight them all, but it was her maa being on their side that broke her down. If maa too feels that I am wrong, then I have no reason to fight- she had reasoned with herself. Her mom had been through many hardships for her sake, and the least her daughter could do to repay her was marry into her choice. The path was very clear to her the day maa had told her about Sahil. She would agree to whatever maa said, but not before she had had HER man. She knew he wouldn’t agree, he adored her too much for that but she also knew how to get him around. She had hidden all facts about her impending marriage and invited him home for dinner. He never suspected anything, and she had it all planned. So while he thought it was all coincidence, she had taken care of everything to make sure it was perfect. Right from the cushions to the sheets, she had planned them all. This was to be her honeymoon night and she knew she would have no second chance. And now as she looked at him, she couldn’t help noticing how innocent he looked in sleep. She at once felt sorry for misusing his trust and an immense satisfaction because she had finally got what she wanted. Maybe never again, but this little victory over life would stay with her forever.


  1. Nice piece of work man. I am no pro in this but I liked the flow in your writing.
    But frankly I have seen a TV show (or was it movie) based on same lines. The girl, after having her side of pleasure with a foreigner refuses the proposal saying that this was her "trip to goa", which she could have lived only once before she gets married. I forgot the name of that show.

  2. ami ar ki likhbo....
    nice work.... lucid and expressive...


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