Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Suicide Note

I remember in no particular order- A garden, a green dress, the lyrics of a random song.  A feathery light relief fills my insides as I type this. I have heard that people see a snapshot of their life in their last moments. Maybe my snapshot only has a green dress and the garden. I always wondered why people wanted to die, to end themselves before time. It was always a question unanswered. Not anymore. They believe pain and suffering as the only cause behind death, but they ignore relief, the gratification of having given all that you were supposed to give, of having fulfilled all your goals and the beautiful emptiness that follows. Death, I now realise is not just about the end. It’s more like a conclusion. Like the end of a sentence- you put a full stop when you have conveyed all you wanted to.
My life has now completed its purpose. And as I sit here, feeling my veins drain out as I type, I feel happy. As happy as I felt when I first met her, as happy as when I saw her smile. As happy as I have ever been. It’s time to leave now, and I leave with no regrets. The world, as they say, is beautiful. More so because of you.

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