Thursday, August 30, 2012

Useless Drops

And he walked away. She stood watching, her heart shrieking out for him to stop as her eyes went dry...surprising stuff these tears, they choose to dry up at the most opportune moment. Or maybe too many of them shed last night had numbed her eyes today. She was stunned, but she didn’t know why. She had known it all along. He was never hers to be and for him she was just a momentary support- he himself had said this to her many a times but somehow, and she had no idea how, her prudence had lost to his warmth. Her reasons kept shouting no, while she lost her heart to him like a young teenager. She could remember each day…
They had known each other for only a few months and yet, it seemed like she had desired for him forever. It had all started with a simple “Hi!!” on the office communicator. He had little work, just like her, and seemed to be looking for someone to bide his time. A decent guy, with a nice sense of humour- in short, good enough to kill time with. As the “hi”s transformed  to “hw do ya do”s, she could sense a different side to him altogether. A side that was hidden from the outside- a part of him, that could take her call in half sleep at midnight and claim that he was waiting for her call all night and make her believe that. She had known such charm to exist only in those over-dramatic teeny novels, but suddenly she felt she was floating- directionless in a pink ether that knew no hurt. He had come into her life like that fictional prince on horseback only to sweep her off her feet and take her to his land. If only life was a dream! As she soon found out, he had been in a relationship till recently, an odd coincidence considering she herself had got out of a bad relation just about a month back, and had yet to cope up with it. In fact, he often ended up talking for hours about his ex while all she wanted was to listen to him talk. She never wanted to fall for this guy, her experience in life had taught her to distrust guys irrespective of how perfect they seemed, and yet something in him pulled her. He was, as she often admitted to him, a magnet for emotions. He had this honesty in his gaze, he could look into her eyes and admit that a line of compliment was plain cheesiness and yet ask her to believe it. And believe him she did. Even when he said that although he loved her but would never be her partner, all she could tell him back was “I love you crazy.”
And then it happened. They were at the library, talking and looking into each others eyes, when all of a sudden he said he wanted to kiss her. She laughed it off, but a few minutes later, they were in the office balcony, their eyes and fingers lost on each other. She was scared at first, but his gaze blew it away. And when he pulled her hand into his, or moved his lips to hers, all she could say was “ I want u so badly…I want you to be mine forever.”

*This is the one side of a two-part write up. Read the guy's  point of view here.


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