Monday, September 24, 2012

What Barfi! taught me

  • Find the silver lining: Life’s a bitch and it will always throw you into unwarranted, undeserved situations and undeserved misery. But as they say, look at it closely and far away in a hidden corner, you might just find the one silver lining, the one good thing that has the power to make the bitch dance to your tunes.

  • It’s okay to be rejected, but don’t give up on love, not just yet…  We have all heard that it’s not the gravity but love that makes the world go round. But do we really believe that? Even if we do, do we actually maintain that? All it takes is one case of broken trust, one single mistake in judgement and our faith on all of humanity is shaken. Let’s just stop and think- do we give up education because of one bad exam? Then why doesn’t life deserve a second chance?
  • The world is big and bad…but that doesn’t mean you have to be bad too: Life is hard and people are not always good. Someone or the other will always try to push you down, to throw you onto the ground but for every person like that, there will also be someone to pick you up, to tell you that you indeed are good enough and all you need to do is trust. Trust is the most potent strategy for winning over people. Look around yourself, the world is beautiful!
  • Know what you want before you lose that: So often we give up on someone as being not good enough. But what defines ‘good enough’? Does it even exist or do most of us run just for the sake of it- in the pursuit of a blind chase? Being judgmental is perhaps the easiest thing to do when one has the choice. But sometimes we need to look at relationships as investment and not as trading and you stick to your investment in rough times because you trust the returns in the long term.
  • And the last- the one golden rule of success- SMILE. Upward curving lips and tinkling eyes catch everyone’s attention. Let those lips show off your joy and see the world around reflect it back to you.


  1. nicely written ! haven't watched barfi though but I had similar thoughts while watching 'Silverlining Playbook' !


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