Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random rants of a broken heart

This post is a request kept, and is very personal.Unless you are interested in my personal life, maybe its not such a good idea to read this.

The human brain is the closest manifestation of a demonic existence that I have come across in the period of my existence. It has this uncanny knack of pulling out from its reserves, thoughts and memories, totally unconnected and often disturbingly disorienting. The reality came face to face yet again today as I booted my computer. All of a sudden images of you, came charging to me. They were random and unconnected, ranging from our first encounter to the day when you broke your sandal and we walked side by side barefoot together. I remembered your “hello” when I called, and your tears when we lost it all. Your smile, your face, they all came together. Different images, but with a common thread: I spent today just thinking of you. I know you are gone, I know you are not coming back.   I know all is futile and I know all is past, but whatever we do, these moments will last. You were the one, you are the one and trust me, you were the perfect one I met. Every day I hoped that day would never come, and the irony is that I was the one who brought it. I know you cry not for me but because of me, but trust me dear, your tears kill me every moment. So many moments, that I have lost count of them. We made so many memories together always believing they were nothing special, and yet as I lay today each one seemed the most beautiful one of my life. Thank you dear for everything, and I know full well that you will never ever read this and that is the only reason that I can still admit here of my love for you. To you I am and always will be the demon that killed your dreams, the demon that took away your smile. Maybe just a demon with a heart.

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