Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flooring a man- The dumbo way

Its been known to be a fact since eternity that no one can read a women’s mind. Quite true. On the other hand, men have almost always been equated with straight lines. But the human mind is equally complex for both the sexes, and while women may well be the more complicated sex, men do have theirr share of mysteries. So lets unearth a few of them here.

  • Let him think: It is a fact which every girl knows, but very few realize. Just like women need to talk, men need to think. They need time for reflection, they need to have time when they can be free of any concerns and beyond all care. In this time men hate to talk or being talked to. And women naturally feel uncared for and isolated at these times. They think him to be upset at something, and they try to solve it the way they know: by talking about it. They keep trying to find a problem when there actually is none. And the result: the man feels untrusted, criticized and goes further into his cave.

  • Leave him alone: When the Venusians have problems, they need someone to talk to about that. On the contrary, the Martians take pride in being problem solvers. Whenever a man has any issues, he would always try solve them by himself rather than ask for advice. So women, if you find a guy all stressed about something, please don’t offer him your help the first thing. There is nothing that pisses him more. Its better to tell him that you trust him to work out the best solution possible, and keep your faith in him. Offer solutions ONLY when he asks for them.

  • Get touchy feely: Women always equate affection with emotion. But men need to feel wanted. For men, touching is a way of showing that they care. And there is no bigger turn on for a man than to feel desired and craved for.  If he is special enough for you to be "The One" among millions, let him know that. Tell him how awesome he is. And get close to him. Let him know that you feel special when he holds you, and cut him some slack. Don’t make him feel bad if he wants to get close to you- if you don’t want that, stop him in a loving way. Don’t make him feel unwanted. Don’t ever make him feel guilty for desiring you.

  • He needs your trust, not advice: The venusians find it okay to ask for help when they need it, but for the martians, asking for help equals to accepting their incompetence. So when a guy is stuck at something, its okay to let him work it out himself. You don’t really need to be his babysitter all the time. Just let him know that you have total faith in his abilities that he will work out things. He will really appreciate that.

  • Appreciate him: This is one of the most important ways of making a man feel good. Nature created women as nurturers and men as providers, and a man will go to any length to provide for people who depend on him. It makes him feel worthy. So the next time he wakes up on time, or does a little household chore, or opens the door for you, or simply remembers “not to forget” what you asked him to do, appreciate him for that. Nothing makes a man happier than being said that he is the good responsible guy. Treat him like a treasure, and he will treaure you forever.

  • The “Rubber Band”: Just like emotions follow a wave pattern at Venus, the Martians' emotions tend to be like rubber bands. Everytime a man gets close to a woman emotionally, he will, without fail, pull back after some time. He may become reclusive and silent, or simply drift away. But women need to avoid pressing the panic button when this happens. They need to remember that the further they let him pull away, the more would be the force when he jumps back. When a guy pulls away, its best to just leave him alone and wait for him to come back. This might be tough for a woman, but trust him to make it totally worth it the wait when he is back.

These are some bits that I would like to have from someone who loves me. Guys please put in your comments if I have missed out on something. And gals…just comment what you think… :-)


  1. loved it :-) good to hear all this from a guy himself! totally agree with the "rubber band" thing... :-D perfectly written :-)

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