Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hurt??? Why??

Hurt and love go arm in arm, soul to soul together always. That's the acceptable part. But the funny side to it is that though they go together, but they dont often manifest to the same person . Isnt it ironical that while we always smile at people who are almost strangers, the same lips of ours forget to part in front of those who do care. It is a testimony to our absurdity as a species that we happen to reserve our worst for those who are the best to us- the ones who are closest, our dearest ones. Tears are always projected as indicators of pain, but is Newton's third law applicable here too...? Is it so that every bit of pain puts in an equal bit of the opposite sentiment in an other heart? I do not ask "do we", but rather, i ask "can we" feel happy being someone's tormentor...that someone being one that we claim to love? Am not sure... we humans always claim to do what makes "US" happy, so in that case, the aforesaid presumption appears pretty valid. But what is this sadistic pleasure that chase- because pleasure from pain is a very convoluted form of satisfaction- people who enjoy it are sadists to the world view, but aren't we all then sadists from an alternative viewpoint? When a stranger wrongs us, we bash him for a couple of minutes and move on but what if the same is done by someone loved? All hell breaks loose, and relations built with years of nurture are destroyed  in moments. Why is it that while we can forgive people who matter nothing, we can't even think of forgiving the ones that we want with us for keeps always...The counter argument often is that because we care for them, so it hurts more if our own ones are the cause of some misgiving. But by giving it back, aren't we doing to them the same thing that hurted us. In other words, to compensate for our hurt, we end up hurting those whom we claim to love. Isn't this a total fallacy of the very claims that we made as a justification for our own actions...i don't really know. Or maybe, i just dont understand...


  1. You undrstnd bt u prefer d sugar-coated version of hurtng nd getng hurt..... do u really think that one cn b happy hurtng sumone who is special... do u really think one wud evr lyk to hurt sumone who is special.... do u really think one wud b relieved seeing the special one in pain.... or do u really think one dont 4gv his/her special one whn mstaks r commitd...if u kno the answr to all these qstns thn u surely understnd wht u hv claimed nt to ovr here brother...

  2. @saiks: well bro, isnt it d fact...dont we do dis evrytym??

  3. dont kno abt odrs... bt i dont... :)


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