Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being a wiproite- The last 7 months

 Its been more than half a year of me leaving home. When i came to Kochi, my priorities were simple- get some work-ex to show in my MBA applications, save some money to get a good gift for my parent's silver jubilee and lastly, get a feel of what the corporate environment is like. I never expected to build any friendships here, at least none for the long term, per se. But as i now know, there were other plans. I remember the evening i reached here- sudi was the first person i met. He told me that he would come to my room in 5 minutes and then went outside with the other guys, leaving me alone. a$$%^&e.

When i came to Kochi to join wipro, i never thought that these 7 months would give me so many wonderful friends. People that i would cherish meeting for a lifetime. On my first day at kochi, i remember walking out with sudi, souro and saikat to find a place for ourselves. When we did manage a place, all four of us had to share one room. So we ended up staying with each other 24*7 literally for the next few months and today they are more brothers than friends to me. Even before coming here, i knew sudi and me could be friends, that was evident from the phone. But souro...lesser said about him the better. At one point i really thought whether i would be able to stay in the same place as this guy for 6 months. And that was even before i had met him, thanks to his exceptional telephone convos. The only person who met my expectations on coming here was saikat. I believed he would be a ^%$$#$ (Mistaking someone else's FB profile for his) and he proved me right :-P. Kidding there. But for his principles (and he is damn sure about all of them ;) ) we 4 guys would have been so lost. Sometimes, I really felt like beating the s#*t out of him, but thanks to his build, i always checked myself in time :-D. But for one stupid mistake of me, our bond was unbreakable and thank you guys for still being with me after what i did. At IIHT, the lectures were boring, but never so the days. Thanks to that wonderful thing called LAN Chat. God bless Softros- not just for making those JAVA sessions bearable, but also for giving me some of my bestest friends here. Even our trainer knew that i chatted all day and didn't pay any attention in class, but i hardly bothered. Those two weeks were truly amazing. We talked hell and heaven all day. For the first time, i found out someone can have 11 chapatis for lunch, and yet stay reed thin. The amazing Anand. It wasn't without reason that we call you steel, you are one big bully (you hit really hard BC) and a great great friend. Divya is the sweetest grown up kid one can ever find. We teased her like anything, and she would have surely thrashed me if she was a little less sweeter. And rekhitha- i don't know whether i should say goodbye to you or sorry. In a way I am glad that i got a ticket for wednesday instead of sunday because i would have hated to leave you in the mood you were in on Friday. To be honest, Friday was not the kind of last day i wanted, and i am glad that it wasn't my last. After what i did, if i was in your place, i would have kicked that person away. But you are still with me and that's what makes you so amazing. I probably never deserved your friendship, but now that i have it, i wont let it go. Ankita, Pinky, Ninaz, Prajna- we were not the best of friends initially, but the last few weeks have been amazing. Never thought that i can have so much fun on a weekend till that weekend. Those three days starting from the munnar trip were amazing (I would rather not speak about the other two days. ;-)). And just when i thought a day could not be more crazier after the FK trip, we had the trip to wonder la. What a day!!! Thank you guys. Thanks a lot. Will miss you all a lot. Hope to meet you all again some day, very soon.

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